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Get ready for the first 30 days!

In your first 30 days at AECOM, you can expect a comprehensive onboarding process that will help you get up to speed with the company, its culture, and your role. Here's what to expect:


You will attend a short orientation program where you will learn about the company's history, culture, mission, and values. You will also receive an overview of benefits, policies, and procedures.


Meeting your onboarding buddy and team

You will meet your team members and colleagues who will provide you with guidance and support as you settle into your role. Importantly you will be assigned an Onboarding Buddy whose role is to help you settle in as smoothly as possible and get you up to speed with a lot of the practicalities of how your team goes about its work.


Goal setting with your manager

You will work with your manager to set clear goals and objectives for your role. This will help you understand what is expected of you and how you can contribute to the company's success.


Project work

You will start working on projects that align with your role and responsibilities. You will receive support and guidance from your team members and colleagues.



You will receive regular feedback from your manager and colleagues to help you improve your performance and achieve your goals.


Company culture

You will experience AECOM's culture firsthand, which is centered around collaboration, innovation, and sustainability.


Learning and development

Your career journey starts on Day One and you will be expected to develop a learning roadmap based on any external professional qualifications you need to achieve as well as the technical competencies required by your role and the soft skills required to work effectively with others. Most importantly, plan both for today and the future and start a learning journey that will support your success.


No two onboarding experiences are similar. It can take days or weeks to become familiar with a complex new project. Every project is different. You may need to jump in to help meet a deadline, or work on a proposal for a new project. Your manager will work with you on choosing your goals and you should seek advice from your Onboarding Buddy and team members in terms of what they recommend you focus on. You will have quiet moments when you are wondering what to do next, and days when the hours fly by. Just remember, nobody gets a perfect score. Onboarding is not a test or a race, it’s your opportunity to learn, get up to speed and start a career journey that takes you wherever you want it to go!

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