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Welcome to AECOM Hong Kong

Congratulations and
welcome to AECOM Hong Kong!

Ian Chung, Regional Chief Executive, Asia

I’ve built a rewarding career at AECOM and it’s been an incredible journey so I’m really excited for you as you start yours.  I’ve been in your shoes over 25 years ago and I remember well what it’s like to join a large, dynamic business, and work together with other smart people on complex projects. Here is my advice. You are with us for a reason: we believe in you and your potential – we believe you can make a difference from day one, not just in 5 or 10 years time.

Joining AECOM will be challenging, but you will be surrounded by people who will inspire, support and guide you. We also know the importance of work-life balance and when to celebrate achievements and success. Most importantly, you will become part of something that truly matters, a mission that is bigger than all of us. More than ever, the world needs sustainable infrastructure to support communities and the environment. You are joining a company that is a world leader in that mission.

When I started my career, like you, I had my hopes, fears and dreams. One dream has come true: I work with the best team of professional people anyone could wish for.  You are joining that team and beginning your incredible journey. 


Congratulations and Welcome! I look forward to meeting you in person!

Onboarding at AECOM

Your first few weeks at AECOM will involve orientation, training, and getting to know your role, team and colleagues. You will be introduced to our company culture, values, and become familiar with our HR, technical and project management processes and platforms. As a new graduate hire, you will receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals. You can also start online learning at AECOM University and training initiatives to enhance your skills and knowledge.

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Build your career at AECOM

As a Graduate Hire, you are about to embark on an exciting career journey of growth, innovation and limitless possibilities. At AECOM, we pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive, dynamic and collaborative work environment that empowers our employees to excel in their chosen fields. You will be building a career based on access to world-class projects, cutting-edge technologies and a network of seasoned professionals who are committed to shaping a sustainable future.

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Learning and development at AECOM

AECOM recognizes that people learn and develop in different ways. That’s why we offer a variety of resources and tools to cater to preferences and needs, ensuring that our new hires can embark on a personalized learning and development journey. At AECOM, learning and development are designed to be both practical and relevant, with a focus on targeted training programs and hands-on experience.

Discover life at AECOM Hong Kong

Delivering for the client is the number one priority of our operations in Hong Kong. Our teams work tirelessly to understand and address the needs of each client, resulting in consistently outstanding outcomes.” 

Robert Chan

Vice President,



Delivering for the clients

AECOM Hong Kong supports a wide range of local community initiatives where we volunteer and dedicate time both in and out of the office. This commitment to serving the community is one of the reasons that makes AECOM a truly exceptional place to work.”

Heidi Chow

Human Resources


Engaging in efforts to uplift the local community and championing good causes are vital aspects of my life. I’m proud of the social impact which our community initiatives bring, and the fact that so many colleagues generously devote their time towards these endeavors. It's my belief that everyone has the potential to make a meaningful difference and develop their talents, regardless of their backgrounds or level of experience. We can all work together towards creating an inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.”

Cissy Ho

Talent Management


I love working in an environment where people support each other and where effort and performance are recognized. A great career is not just about delivering projects, it’s also about moments that matter, when you feel respected and valued for your hard work and commitment. It’s about letting off steam and having some fun. It’s about knowing that we are all in this together.”

Rebecca Lam

Vice President,
Marketing & Communications



Moments that matter


Serving the community


Teamwork and collaboration

What impresses me about AECOM are the quality and professionalism of our teams. Our people really do go above and beyond in tackling complex projects with little or no margin for error. We all have our unique talents and abilities, but in my experience, it is when teams combine those skills that we see the greatest creative leaps and innovations.”

Johnny Cheuk

Vice President,


I strongly believe that teamwork and collaboration drive our success. When we work together there are no problems we cannot solve or projects we cannot deliver. We thrive on each other’s expertise and perspectives which push the boundaries of what any single individual can do. Our success is team built.”

Stephen Lai

Senior Vice President,
Director of Operations


Being part of AECOM means providing exceptional service for our clients. Successful infrastructure projects have a lasting positive impact on our community, so working with clients to ensure delivery of their needs is at the heart of everything we do.”

Helen Leung

Vice President,


AECOM Hong Kong – It's all about YOU

At AECOM Hong Kong we understand that our success is built by people who truly care about our home and its future. Across the years and projects big and small, we have supported the growth and development of one of the world's great cities. When you work for AECOM, you're part of a team that matters. We can't thank our great employees enough for their commitment and hard work.

Your AECOM journey starts here

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